Maruti Suzuki S-cross facelift!


Maruti S-Cross Facelift 2017 Price, Launch and Features – Nexa Pune

Put up for a showcase in the 2016 Sao Paulo Auto Show, the Maruti S-Cross 2017 has been launched in the UK in three variants, namely, SZ4, SZ-T and SZ5. This latest model from the Japanese car-maker is said to be fit with all the new and advanced features that are sure to give its competitors the run for their money. Considered to be an upgrade to its predecessors, the new S-Cross from Maruti Suzuki is soon to be released in the Indian market in 2017. Judging by the reviews that have been given for this car, it can be told that this is a vehicle that everyone can lookout to in the year 2017. Few minor cosmetic changes have been added to the car and the engine for the petrol variant seems to have got an upgrade.

Launch of Maruti S-Cross Facelift 2017:

Coming to the launch of the new Maruti S-Cross 2017, it has been predicted that the car will reach the Indian shores in the second half of 2017, though an official confirmation is yet to be released by the Japanese car-maker. One major upside to this vehicle is that, the Maruti S-Cross is the first in line of the models that were sold under the Maruti Nexa dealership.

Expected S-Cross facelift price:

The price range for both the petrol and the diesel range of the S-Cross 2017 vary depending upon the on-road specifications. The expected price range for the petrol variant is said to be from Rs. 7 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs, where the base rate in Delhi is said to be Rs. 9.5 lakhs. On the other hand, the price range of the diesel variant is from Rs. 8.5 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs, where the top model in Delhi is priced at Rs. 13.5 lakhs.



The specifications for the Maruti S-Cross Facelift vary with the petrol and the diesel variants. Though some of the features and the specifications are seen to be carried over from the previous, minor changes to the petrol engine seems to be in order when you compare the European version and the Indian version of the car. This has been done to make sure that the vehicle is in compliance with the road conditions depending upon the country.

The expected specifications for the petrol version of S-Cross 2017 in India include,

  • Engine capacity: 1.5 litre

  • Power: 100 bph

  • Torque: 133 Nm

  • Mileage: 12 kmpl

The diesel version of the vehicle seems to have further two more variants of its own based on the engine capacity. Thus, the S-Cross Facelift specifications for the diesel variants include,

  • Engine capacity (Variant 1): 1.3 litre

  • Power: 89 bph

  • Torque: 200 Nm

  • Mileage: 15 kmpl

  • Engine capacity (Variant 2): 1.6 litre

  • Power: 118 bph

  • Torque: 320 Nm

  • Mileage: 14 kmpl

The latest upgrades to the diesel engines of the S-Cross 2017 is said to be highly fuel efficient and the S-Cross facelift mileage promises a powerful performance on the road.


One major thing that you can expect from the launch of the Maruti S-Cross Facelift is that, the car will be available in the market in an all new brown color, along with the regular white, blue, black, silver and grey. The S-Cross facelift features covers both the interior and the exteriors of the vehicle. Though there is no major upgrade to the vehicle, few minor and visible changes have been added to both the inside and the outside of the car.

Interior features:

Minor portions of the vehicle’s cabin have been given a facelift. Compared to the previous models, new colors have been added to the interiors of the S-Cross. Dual air bags and the ABS have been introduced as the standard interior features for the car, though few of the added features might vary with the model that was launched in Europe and the one that is to be launched in India. The upholstery has been given a change to get the classy look and there is a double-sliding glass sunroof.

Exterior features:

S-Cross has been given an upgrade where the ground clearance has been stretched by a length of 15 mm than the regular. New and revised grille and bumper have been added along with the chrome finish for the car. The hood has been modified along with the modification of the headlamps.

Competition for the S-Cross 2017

Though S-Cross does not seem to have any competition with regards to the features, when it comes to pricing, the car will be facing competition from Tata Safari Strome, Renault Duster, Hyundai Creta, Nissan Terrano and the Mahindra Scorpio. 2017 is sure to see a great competition among these vehicles.