Brand New Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS 1.0 !


Maruti Baleno RS Price, Launch, Features & Specs – Nexa Pune:

The most expected car in the hatchback series from Maruti, the all new Baleno RS is ready to make its entry into the Indian automobile market in the early half of 2017. First showcased in the 2015 Motor Show in Geneva, the all new Maruti Baleno was once again showcased in the 2016 Auto Expo in India. Fit with the advanced Boosterjet transmission and engine system, the Baleno 2017 is sure to give its competitors a tough competition, if the Baleno RS reviews are to be believed.

Baleno RS launch expected date in India:

The Alpha variant of the Baleno RS is to be launched in India along with few changes to the upholstery and the exterior features of the car. Named as the Maruti Baleno RS 1.0 Alpha, this vehicle is touted for official release in February 2017 or by the first week of March 2017. Though official confirmation is yet to be given out, people are getting ready for the tentative launch of the car in February. The new Baleno will be available through the Nexa dealership, especially the Nexa Pune dealership outlet.

Expected Baleno RS price:

With the launch nearing, people are now excited to know about the price that the Baleno RS will be available in. By factoring in all the costs, it is told that the vehicle will be within a price range of Rs. 8 lakhs to Rs. 10 lakhs. Furthermore, it is told that the minimum price for the vehicle would be Rs. 8.5 lakhs, while ex-showroom price is given as Rs. 9 lakhs. The complete Baleno RS price has been calculated depending upon the road taxes that are levied in the places where the vehicle is available for purchase to the clients through the Nexa dealership.



The petrol engine in the new Baleno has been given an upgrade when compared to the previous models. Being one of the first performance oriented hatchback vehicle from Maruti, the vehicle is fit with advanced features and specifications. Both the diesel and the petrol version of the vehicle is said to have its launch in India. Both the variants differ from each other based on the engine capacity.

Some of the expected Baleno RS specifications for both the petrol and the diesel variants are,

  • Engine capacity for petrol version: 1.2 litre

  • Engine capacity for diesel version: 1.3 litre

  • Engine type: 1.0 litre Boosterjet Petrol

  • Power: 100 bhp at 5,500 rpm

  • Torque: 170 Nm at 1,700 rpm to 4500 rpm

  • Transmission system: 5 speed, manual and 6 speed, automatic

  • Mileage: 20 kmpl minimum and 21 kmpl maximum

According to reports it is said that this Baleno 2017 has better fuel efficiency than the other hatchback series in Baleno. The performance of the vehicle can be attributed to the direct-injection engine and turbocharged engine is called as the ‘Boosterjet’ engine. This promises a powerful and an exhilarating performance from the hatchback vehicle.


One of the main features that differ from the other models is the color of the car. The vehicle has been provided with a new black color that is different from its predecessors. Loaded with all the right features that are required for a powerful hatchback, the Baleno RS has the following common features in the vehicle,

  • Steering wheel with multifunction system

  • Monitoring system for tire pressure

  • Automatic air-conditioning system

  • Brake support with radar

An overview into the exterior and the interior features of the Baleno RS will prove effective in knowing more about the hatchback vehicle.

Interior features:

The new Baleno has the capacity to seat 5 adults and has enough space to accommodate the luggage. Changes have been made to the betterment of the upholstery and for a good grip on the steering wheel. Dual airbag facility is available and a standard ABS system has been installed. To enable ease in parking while taking a reverse, the interior of the vehicle is fit with an improved and advanced reverse parking camera. Along with the dual airbags, the vehicle also has side airbags facility and a SmartPlay based infotainment system in the front.

Exterior features:

Compared to the previous models, the new Baleno has a sporty and an edgier look. Chrome elements have been added to the exterior to give the vehicle a classy look. The tail lamps are fit with LEDs and the grille is V-shaped. Along with the fog lamps, the car has a sweptback headlamp. Parking sensors have been added and coupled to the reverse parking camera.

Competitors for Baleno RS

With the number of booking for the new Baleno, the car has exceeded the popularity that Hyundai i20 had in the market. As far as competitors are concerned, the Baleno RS would be fighting it out with Fiat Abarth Punto and Volkswagen Polo GT TSI.