Brand New Maruti Suzuki Ciaz !


Maruti Nexa Ciaz 2017 Price, Launch and Features – Nexa Pune:

A trusted name among the masses when it comes to automobiles, Maruti has been catering to the vehicle needs of the people for a long time now. For years, the company has been coming out with vehicles that are filled with all the latest features. The latest in line is the Maruti Nexa Ciaz. Touted for release in April 2017, this vehicle is said to be in line for the top range of models from Maruti. The all new Maruti Ciaz 2017 is said to be filled with powerful features that are sure to make the car the best in the Indian market

Expected date for Nexa Ciaz launch:

Though the date has not been confirmed, the Nexa Ciaz is said to be launched in India by the first half of 2017, preferably in April 2017. After the launch of the vehicle, the dealership and the sales for the Maruti Ciaz 2017 would be from the Nexa Pune outlet. The dealership for the car can be got at premium rates from this outlet.

Expected Nexa Ciaz price range:

Ciaz is all set to be launched in 5 variants naming Sigma, Zeta, Delta, Alpha & S (Sport). Depending on the model, the pricing is said to start from Rs. 9 lakhs and is said to reach a maximum of Rs. 11.50 lakhs. The new Ciaz price can be attributed to the minor cosmetic changes that have been added to the model along with the addition of new features to the car. It must be kept in mind that the prices might face a small hike, depending on the city where it is purchased, as the road taxes tend to vary and needs to be factored in while calculating the total price.



The Nexa Ciaz has two versions. One is the petrol version and the other is the diesel version. Specifications can be seen to vary between the two versions of the Maruti Ciaz 2017.

The specifications for the diesel version of Ciaz include,

  • Engine capacity: 1.3 litre

  • Power: 90 bhp

  • Torque: 200 Nm

  • Boot space: 510 L

  • Mileage: 28.09 kmpl

  • Transmission: 5 speed, manual

The specifications for the petrol variant of Ciaz include,

  • Engine capacity: 1.3 litre

  • Power: 110 bhp

  • Torque: 150 Nm

  • Boot space: 510 L

  • Mileage: 20.73 kmpl

  • Transmission: 5 speed, manual; 4 speed, automatic


As mentioned earlier, the new Ciaz has been given few minor cosmetic changes when compared to the previous models. Some of the common features that can be seen in the Ciaz 2017 include,

  • Camera for reverse parking

  • Leather fit for seating, steering wheel, hand brake, and gear knob

  • Bluetooth enabled SmartPlay touchscreen

  • Cruise control facility

  • Smoked headlamps

  • Provision for dual airbags

  • Keyless entry

The engine and the transmission system of both the petrol and the diesel variants have been carried forward from the previous models. The engine for the petrol variant is seen to be fit with the latest version of S-Cross petrol.

Both the interior and the exterior of the Maruti Ciaz have been given a minor makeover that is visible in the vehicle. The Nexa Ciaz reviews provides a good insight into the features and the specifications that have been newly added to the vehicle.

Interior features:

For comfortable seating and handling of the steering, leather wrap fit has been added to the interiors. Along with this, to enable ease in reverse parking of the vehicle, a separate camera has been installed that provides a good view of the parking space available. There is a push start and a stop button along with advanced navigation system installed to the car’s interiors.

Exterior features:

The new sunroof feature has been added to the Nexa Ciaz. Compared to the other models, this car has a wider wheelbase. Additionally, the car has been fit with smoked headlamps, revised bumper and a front grille. The car’s finish has a smooth coating of chrome that adds to the sleek and the classy look of the vehicle.

Competitors for Maruti Ciaz Facelift

Having fit with all the powerful and advanced features, it has become natural for the all new Ciaz to have competitors in the automobile market. Some of the vehicles that are said to be the major competitors of the Ciaz 2017 include the Honda City 2017, Hyundai Verna 2017, Skoda Rapid, Fiat Linea 125S and Volkswagen Vento Facelift.