Hyundai Creta Vs Renault Duster Vs Ford EcoSport Vs Maruti S-Cross


The premium hatchback segment has been the most favored offspring of most of the automobile manufacturers in India. There have been enough offerings from all the major car brands from Maruti Suzuki to Hyundai to Ford and Renault. Now there is a new baby in the town which is making the car manufacturers eyes flash in adoration; the crossover segment.

This segment offers the practical handling and experience of the hatchbacks as well as the durability and breathtaking performance of SUVs. This is the prime reason of the increasing popularity of the segment amongst the car enthusiasts. Every major car manufacturer in India is trying to cash on this adulation by offering options for the customers in the segment.

The buyer is justifiably confused while browsing through the individual specifications of each of the vehicles as each of these is marvelous individually. Therefore it is important to take a comparative study of the vehicles alongside the others to come up with the most suitable car.

Let us try to compare the most prominent features of the major players in this segment; Hyundai Creta, Renault Duster, Ford EcoSport and Maruti S-Cross.


Renault duster takes the prize as being the longest car in the segment and is closely followed by Marui S-Cross. Ford EcoSport is the tallest option from the lot and gains some brownie points for it. The wheelbase of the Renault Duster is far greater than the others in competition at 2673 mm with Maruti S-Cross at the second place with 2600 mm wheelbase.

Ground Clearance:

This is one of the important aspects for the urban drivers as it directly affects their ease of handling. Renault Duster takes a pretty impressive lead in this aspect and is followed by Ford EcoSport. Maruti S-Cross surprisingly stands at the last rung in this aspect with even Hyundai Creta taking a lead here.


While the Ford EcoSport has the most powerful engine variants amongst the competitors, it raises the price by a great deal which acts as a real unfavorable aspect for it. Hyundai Creta and Maruti S-Cross are the closest and most competitive of the lot because of the favorable pricing combined with engine performance.


Ford EcoSport offers the least expensive price segment with price range of Rs 6.75 lakhs and Rs 10.24 lakhs. The upper variants of this car are far more superior to the lower ones and thus the effective pricing of the vehicle is bit higher than the others.

Maruti S-Cross comes out in the price band of 8 to 11 lakhs. All the variants available for this car are closely connected and have been performing decently well. This makes this car a definite player in the segment.

While offering some very good features, Renault duster and Hyundai Creta seems to have an inferior hand to Maruti Suzuki S-Cross because of the relatively higher pricing of the top models. The customers looking for the best car variants in the segment is left guessing for this upscale pricing which tends to benefit Maruti S-Cross in the price war.

All these cars have wonderful features and an awesome record when it comes of providing service and experience. It is basically the suitability of the features and the custom selection variable that could make a difference here.



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