6 Reasons to buy Maruti Baleno-Nexa Pune


The most awaited car of 2017, the Maruti Baleno is expected to be launched in the month of March in India.This latest model of vehicle from Maruti makes it the power-packed range of vehicles in the hatchback series from Maruti. The Baleno can be availed from the Nexa dealership showrooms that are available in most of the cities in India. After its launch, the Maruti Baleno can be purchased at the Nexa dealership located in Pune. Pre-book your vehicle or book the vehicle once it reaches the Indian shore. This performance-oriented model is sure to give the customer the best experience of their lifetime.

Why to choose Maruti Baleno?

Maruti is well known among people for its range of economical and power-packed range of vehicles that are considered to be the competitors for some of the top brands in the automobile industry like Hyundai. This particular Baleno model from Maruti, will be available in four versions, Alpha, Zeta, Sigma and Delta, and seven new colours. Both petrol and the diesel variants can be availed for the vehicle. With Maruti Baleno nearing its launch, it is time to know the reasons as to why you need to own this car.

  • Mileage specs

The average mileage spec for the Maruti Baleno is expected to be 27.4 kmpl, with the mileage for the 1.2 L petrol variant is expected to be 20 kmpl while for the 1.3 L diesel variant, the mileage is expected to be 28 kmpl. The mileage in the vehicle is fit to be compatible with the existing Indian roads.

  • Long-lasting battery

Unlike the close contenders in this particular series, the Maruti Baleno has an excellent battery back-up that especially comes handy during the monsoon. The powerful battery ensures that your car does not have to be taken to the mechanic every now and then for maintenance. The battery helps in the entire vehicle’s performance and does not have to be charged often to keep it in use.

  • Features and design

Maruti, just like every other model under its name, has made sure that all safety features are in order. The key features of the vehicle include the twin airbags, Anti-lock braking system, and central lock. Other features of the Maruti Baleno include the push button start, Apple CarPlay, touchscreen infotainment system and DIN audio. The exterior of the car gives it a sporty look. The Maruti Baleno has been able to pack all the advanced and powerful features in the vehicle for such a competitive price.

  • Engine

AS mentioned earlier, the Maruti Baleno will be introduced in two variants in the Indian market. The 1.2 L petrol engine promises a power of 84 PS and a torque of 115 Nm while the 1.3 L diesel engine gives a power of 75 PS and a torque of 190 Nm. As far as the transmission system is concerned, the petrol and the diesel variants would be having the 5-speed manual transmission system with the exception of the petrol engine having an optional automatic gearbox.

  • Price and dimensions

The Nexa dealership, after consideration, has stated the on-road price of Maruti Baleno to be from Rs. 5 Lakhs for the basic model and Rs. 8 lakhs for the higher variants. Having a boot space of 355 L, the vehicle is able to provide ample space for seating of adults to store baggage and items during travel.

  • Speed

Fit with a powerful 1248 cc engine, the Maruti Baleno promises a powerful performance on the road. Power-steering and other aspects of the engine help to maintain the speed. Both the diesel and the petrol variants promise good speed for you to cruise through the roads.

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