5 Reasons to buy Maruti S-Cross - Nexa Pune


The new product from the vehicle genius, Maruti S-Cross has become the sought after car under the Nexa dealership. Having all the SUV like features, the S-Cross can be availed from the nearest Nexa dealership in Pune.Needless to say, with the growing demand for this particular model from Maruti, you need to know the reasons as to why this is the best choice in the latest range of cars. Considered to have several advanced features when compared to the predecessors, the Maruti S-Cross can give you the elegance of a Sedan and the performance of that of an SUV.

Reasons to own the Maruti S-Cross

Maruti is known for its range of economical and performance packed range of vehicles. Introduction of the Maruti S-Cross in India under the Nexa dealership has raised the bar for all the other contenders in the automobile market. Furthermore, the S-Cross from Maruti has been introduced to mark its presence in the crossover segment of vehicles. The vehicle can be purchased from the nearby Nexa dealerships and showrooms located in Pune. For people who are thinking about purchasing the vehicle, here are five reasons as to why you need to own a Maruti S-Cross today.

  • Promise from Maruti and Nexa

No other reason happens to be of much importance once you get the trust from Maruti. With Nexa showrooms available in most of the cities in India, it has become easy to own the vehicle. Nexa is well known for their quality customer service and competitive dealerships. Thus, it happens to be the best place to get hold of the luxury brands when it comes to vehicles. Along with this, Nexa offers you the opportunity to avail the Maruti S-Cross at interesting rates and their maintenance and after-sales services are noteworthy.

  • Safe and economical

The Maruti S-Cross is priced at Rs. 8 lakhs and has beat out the rest of competitors with this single aspect. Maruti has been able to provide such a vehicle with all the features in the crossover segment, while the competitors have been able to provide only the over-priced versions. In this particular model you can see that Maruti has taken extra care when it comes to the safety features. All the basic safety features like dual airbags and seatbelts are in order along with added features like Brake Assist and disc brakes with Anti-lock Braking System.

  • Engine and performance

Maruti S-Cross offers two variants in diesel engines and thus you get to choose between the 1.6 L DDiS320 diesel engine offering maximum power of 120 PS and torque of 320 Nm, while the smaller 1.3 L DDiS200 engine offers maximum power of 90 PS with 200 Nm torque. When we take into account the transmission system, it can be seen that the 1.6 L variant has a 6 speed manual gearbox and the smaller 1.3 L variant has a 5 speed manual transmission.

  • Design and features

As mentioned earlier, the Maruti S-Cross gives you the body features of the Sedan and the performance of that of an SUV. The entire body has an aerodynamic profile and the sloped roof gives the vehicle a sporty look. The top variants of this vehicle have keyless entry, reverse camera, touchscreen infotainment system and a push-button start.

  • Interiors

Maruti S-Cross has enough room for large storage needs and the upholstery is complete with black stitched leather. The existing 353 L boot space can be enhanced to 810 L after packing up the rear seats. There is a two-position seatback along with a generous amount of cabin space.

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